Supplementary Education Now Registering

We are now registering students for our Supplementary Education for September 2022.

If you would like more information or to book an appointment to see a consultant at our Centre of Excellence. Please contact us at the number below, or contact us via the form.

Ml Mohamed Sidat


Supplementary Education Overview

Parent/Guardian, Home Ed Community, Islamic school students, those concerned about ethical situation, bullying, discrimination, Islamophobia, underachievement, lack of Islamic knowledge, concerned about RSE/sex education, large class sizes, lack of expertise/teachers, lack of Leadership/Management, quality of Education, misbehaviour issues, disillusioned with system, more free time with their children.

Join us now

Supplementary Schooling – Our Centre of Excellence – Leicester

Raedan Institute – Supplementary Education Services (Mon-Weds – 9:30-1:00pm) Literacy/English Tech Studies Sports

Parental Resources

Parental Resources

List of of fact sheets and key-idea resources provide school and families with tips and strategies on ‘what works

Sep 2022 admission now open

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