Building Hope and Opportunity: Fundraising for the Raedan Institute

Building Hope and Opportunity: Fundraising for the Raedan Institute

The Raedan Institute is on a mission to provide critical educational, spiritual, and support services to Muslims in our community. As a nonprofit charity organization, the Institute relies on the generosity of donors to fund programs that enrich lives every day. This is an invitation to partner with us and help establish essential institutions that will promote growth and positive change for generations to come.

Who We Are

The Raedan Institute was founded in 2006 with the vision of serving the Muslim community through education, wellbeing initiatives, and philanthropy. Our goal is to empower people of all ages and backgrounds to achieve their potential while staying rooted in their faith. The Institute was started by local resident Ml Mohamed Sidat, who saw firsthand the struggles faced by Muslims and people in the region. From high poverty rates to discrimination, lack of access to resources, and more, it was clear action must be taken.

Over the past five years, the Raedan Institute has implemented tutoring sessions, youth leadership workshops, food and clothing drives, and other programs to provide immediate relief while also cultivating long-term solutions. We’ve assisted hundreds of families during difficult times, awarded scholarships to promising students, and engaged the community through events like Muslim Awareness Week. But this is just the beginning.

The Next Phase: Institutions for Growth

We are now ready to launch into an exciting next phase for the Raedan Institute: raising funds to establish anchor institutions that will stand the test of time. With your support, we will construct:

  • A Madrasah (Islamic school) offering classes from Year 1 through adult Education. This will make high-quality Islamic education accessible in our community and provide values-based education that sets students up for bright futures.
  • A new Masjid (mosque) that will serve as a spiritual home where our community can come together. Complete with prayer halls, a library, and classrooms, the Masjid will allow us to host enrichment activities.
  • An expanded community education Centre of Excellence hosting adult education, job skills training, and youth programs.

With these additions, the Raedan Institute will be equipped to deliver education at every age, spiritual nourishment, and empowerment resources for generations to come.

The Need in Our Community

The city of Leicester has one of the highest Muslim population percentages in the UK. According to the 2011 census, Leicester was 19% Muslim, and some estimates suggested it may have reached 25-30% by 2021. However, resources have not kept up. There are currently no Education Centre similar to that of Raedan Institute in the area. Many families are struggling to educate their children while holding on to their own values.

Additionally, Muslim adults in our area face barriers like unemployment and lack of vocational skills. Our expanded community education Centre of Excellence will deliver targeted training and career mentoring to empower members of our community with marketable abilities that lead to stability for themselves and their families.

By fundraising for these pivotal structures, the Raedan Institute seeks to address the gaps holding our community back.

How You Can Help

We aim to raise initially £150,000 to cover our basic overdue debt caused by the Covid pandemic and the closure of our Centre during that time. We would also like to raise £3 million to relocate and build a purpose-built site to cater for the growing needs of the community. This will cover construction costs and launch operating budgets for the Madrasah, Masjid, and Education Centre. Your contribution will provide:

  • Scholarships ensure every qualified Muslim youth can attend the Madrasah
  • Salaries to recruit experienced Islamic teachers and community leaders
  • Libraries filled with enriching resources and materials
  • Technology and multimedia tools that facilitate dynamic learning
  • A charming Masjid where families feel uplifted
  • Adult career development courses and small business incubators

This year, we ask you to search your heart and give what you can to bring these dreams into reality. Make a donation in honour of a loved one, or consider a recurring monthly gift to sustain our work. Every contribution expands what we can achieve together.

The Future We Envision

Imagine the possibilities when these institutes open their doors:

  • Students mastering Quranic Arabic and Islamic studies alongside science, math, Sciences, language arts, and life skills.
  • A new generation fortified with religious values like charity, honesty, and service to humanity.
  • Youths are protected from destructive influences by gaining leadership experience and a strong Muslim identity.
  • Struggling adults completing courses that open doors to steady employment.
  • Seniors gathered for communal meals and lectures, breaking social isolation.
  • Families pray side-by-side and connect during spiritual holidays.
  • Volunteers mobilising out of the Masjid to tackle issues like homelessness and environmental stewardship.

This future is within reach. The Raedan Institute has laid the groundwork over the past five years and now we are poised to take this monumental next step. With your generosity, our Muslim community will have the space to learn, grow, and thrive for generations.

Partner With Us 

Donating to the Raedan Institute supports tangible improvements that uplift our community. You have the power to change lives by furthering our mission. Make your mark today by visiting or getting in touch to learn more about our plans.

This year let’s come together to build hope and opportunity for Muslims in our community. The payoff will be measured in the thousands of lives enriched over decades to come. Please consider contributing to the campaign for our new Madrasah, Masjid, and community education Centre. Your partnership will allow the Raedan Institute to empower our community for generations.

The Time is Now

We strive to help our fellow Muslims lead lives of dignity, purpose, and peace. But this noble goal is only attainable if our community has access to spiritual nourishment and educational opportunities. The construction of a Madrasah, Masjid, and community education Centre will make this vision a reality. That’s why we need your support today.

Giving thoughts shape. As Muhammad Ali once said, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” Your gift will provide space for thousands to better themselves and give back. With Ramadan coming soon, this is the perfect chance to pay it forward.

Islamic education moulded brilliant Muslim thinkers like Ibn Sina, a pioneer of early medicine… Ibn al-Haytham, founder of the scientific method… and Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Laureate and founder of microcredit banking. Imagine what students immersed in Madrasah’s value-driven education can accomplish! Your donation will unlock their potential.

The benefits of the Masjid are impossible to quantify, but vital. This will be a refuge where families can spiritually recharge and find community, especially in challenging times. Help us erect a beautiful house of worship buzzing with positivity.

At our expanded community education Centre, Muslims will gain job skills, language classes, parenting workshops, and more. Supporters like you can equip your fellow brothers and sisters with the knowledge they need to thrive.

The Raedan Institute has laid the groundwork with existing programs. Now is the time to propel our mission forward. We cannot do this alone.

Why Your Gift Matters

  • £100 provides textbooks and learning materials for one student’s year at our future Madrasah
  • £300 funds a month of Arabic language classes at the Education Centre
  • £5000 enables us to stock the Masjid library with books and multimedia resources
  • £1000 gives a student full scholarship at the Madrasah
  • £3000 helps build classrooms that facilitate interactive learning and renovate our phase 3 of our current plan.

No matter the size, every contribution expands what we can achieve. When each of us gives our best, the collective impact is incredible.

Some parting thoughts as we come to the end of this article:

This is about more than buildings. It’s about the lives that will be changed within. Help construct Raedan Institute, “To Read Institute,” where Allah’s compassion shines through.

This is about more than education. It’s about nurturing young Muslims’ identity and faith alongside their intellect. Let’s build the Madrasah, “The School of Knowledge,” where no curious mind goes unfulfilled.

This is about more than skills training. It’s about empowering a community with purpose and self-sufficiency. Support the Raedan Institute, where anyone can gain their footing.

When it comes to generosity, Allah rewards what is given much more than the amount itself. He amplifies your goodwill. It was narrated from Abu Hurairah that the Messenger of Allah (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said: “Charity does not decrease wealth.” (Sahih Muslim 2588a).

Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said, “Wealth is not diminished by giving (in charity). Allah augments the honor of one who forgives; and one who displays humility towards another seeking the Pleasure of Allah, Allah exalts him in ranks.” (Sahih al-Bukhari 1419).

We have the chance to strengthen our ummah, or Islamic community, like never before. Seize this opportunity to make an impact. Visit to contribute today.

Let’s turn these dreams into reality, for the sake of generations to come. The Raedan Institute thanks you for supporting our mission. Please reach out if you have any other questions.

The Raedan Institute’s projects always begin with faithful people like you. In 2006, our founder started this organisation with a small but passionate team united by the vision of uplifting the Muslim community. We’ve since grown to over 11 staff and 15+ volunteers running impactful programs. Now we need your help to reach new heights.

Our expansion plans are bold but achievable. The blueprints are drawn. The permits are filed. We’ve partnered with respected Islamic architecture firms to design a breathtaking Masjid and optimal learning facilities. Our team has meticulously crafted budgets and action plans.

The next step is you.

We aim to break ground next year after securing funds. Construction is estimated to take two years. By 2026 students could walk through the doors of Madrasah, Masjid and Education Centre for the first time…seniors could gather for Friday prayers… and adults could enrol in employment courses at our expanded Community Education Centre.

Make this inspiring future a reality by contributing today.

Every pound or dollar makes a difference. Beyond large donations, small recurring monthly gifts provide stability through steady income. Can you spare £10 or £20 per month to fund our work?

Contribute to honour of what matters most. Give in memory of a beloved grandparent who helped raise you…in gratitude for the teacher who changed your life…or in the name of the community that shaped your growth. 

If the Raedan Institute’s mission speaks to you, take action now. Visit to give via our secure payment platform, or get in touch to discuss major gift opportunities.

We are continually heartened by the generosity of supporters like you. Recently, several families donated over £500 for our educational provisions. During Ramadhan, we raised over £18,000 from many kind donors. Local entrepreneur S. Hanif sponsored events at our centre and donated £2500. Esat family have contributed nearly £6000 to date for our Education centre and Madrasah.

Every gift, big or small, builds our future together. We can’t wait to have you on board.

The Time To Give is Now

Ramadan will come and go, what do we leave behind as our lasting legacy? In this spirit, we ask you to give what you can to progress the Raedan Institute’s mission – whether £10 or £10,000. Strengthen ties among our Muslim brothers and sisters by contributing to the campaign for our Madrasah, Masjid, and community education Centre today.

Visit to make your tax-deductible gift online. If you are interested in giving a major contribution or seeking naming rights, contact We are happy to discuss customised donation packages.

This is our chance to come together and uplift our community. Progress begins with you. Please consider funding hope and opportunity for generations to come.

The Raedan Institute wishes you and your loved ones a blessed year. Thank you for supporting our mission – today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Impact on the Future

Imagine years from now, a teen named Fatima graduates as a Hafidha from Raedan Institute. She goes on to become a Scholar and attend college and University before returning home. Fatima comes back to pay forward the opportunity she gained by establishing a free health clinic out of our Masjid. She has helped hundreds of community members get quality care over the years.

Meanwhile, Omar is struggling as a new father working an unstable hourly job. He completed a business administration certificate course at the Raedan Community Education Centre. With his new skills, Omar built a career in management. He gains a steady income to provide for his growing family.

Your contribution today sets this potential in motion. Will you join us?

Securing Our Community’s Future

The Raedan Institute dreams big because our community’s needs are great. The opportunity gap is real. Anti-Muslim sentiment persists. Poverty and lack of access to resources stifle potential. We are ready to solve these challenges, but only with your support.

Our Masjid will give families a welcoming place to reinforce their faith. Our Madrasah will nurture our youth. And our expanded community Centre will open doors for all. With your help, we will secure a bright future.

Let’s finish strong this Ramadan. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation by visiting

No matter what amount you can afford, every pound or dollar makes a difference. Together, our contributions will write the next chapter for Muslims in our community. We cannot wait to have you on this journey with us.

Please reach out if you have any other questions about supporting our fundraising campaign or getting involved with the Raedan Institute. Thank you for helping build hope and opportunity.

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