Education Centre and Madrasah Appeal

Raedan Institute, Premises Renovation and Appeal (Creative Spaces Vision 2025)

As-Salaam Alaykum!
I pray you are well and in good health. Ameen

We urgently need to raise £350k for Raedan Institute – Education Centre and Madrasah so that we can renovate and upgrade our current site.

I would like to humbly and sincerely request that Allah bless us with this unique opportunity to earn countless rewards (Sadaqah Jariyah) by helping and supporting us with your generous donations. In sha’ Allah.

Please help us raise funds for our premises.

Over the last 16 years, Raedan Institute has supported communities around the world.

Alhamdulillah we have now an opportunity to gain endless Sadaqah Jariyah by investing in your Akhirah.

We are in urgent need of funds to raise £350k for our Centre of Excellence, Masjid and Madrasah.

Our aim is to support communities globally by providing (WHY)

  1. Educational services, such as Madrasah Taleem, Tuition and Supplementary Education
  2. Provide training and development, courses and workshops so that the community can benefit and help themselves
  3. Provide mental health and well-being support services
  4. Food packs and educational packs
  5. Teacher training and educational programmes
  6. Activities such as literacy clubs, maths clubs, archery, horse riding in the near future
  7. Sports training i.e football, cricket, basketball etc
  8. Islamic studies, Tajwid, memorisation, Hifdh classes

By donating to this project you will also support:

  1. Children to attain high-quality education
  2. Increase attainment
  3. Support children with low attainment by 1-2-1 support
  4. Online Education
  5. Mental health services
  6. Boosting confidence, self-esteem and be happy
  7. Debt relief
  8. Widow and orphans support
  9. FREE Educational support
  10. Scholarships and mentorships
  11. Recruit and train people for our expanding centre of excellence

So donate now

Our Madrasah Education is exceptional. We ensure that the learning is fun, engaging, and interactive. We also provide Online Madrasah and cater to the needs of all students. All our lessons are bespoke and tailor-made for the students.


We provide Tuition to all our students to ensure that they attain high grades and at the same, we provide holistic support to their education. We work with our students based on their abilities. We fast-track our students to the level they are working and beyond within a short time frame.


Our aim for our supplementary education is to provide key support to parents who want to home-school their children. We also provide support for students from KS 1 to GCSE/A Levels. There are over 20 reasons why you should join our Centre of Excellence.


Prior to the lockdown we also delivered many projects for children and the youth. Such as STEM, Literacy Club, Mathe Club, Art clubs and much much more… (over 70+ projects for the community). We aim to restart some of the many clubs and activities… Contact us or view the events page for more information. 

Over the last 2 years alone we have supported over 25000+ people by providing 2 large bags (6 weeks worth) of food packs to people across Leicestershire. Some families received over 6 bags.

We also provided during the lockdown over 1000+ educational packs to students across Leicestershire. We aim to deliver 1000 more over the comings weeks and months

We also delivered over 45 Coffee Mornings and Mental Health workshops to support the most vulnerable and sign-posted many to key services.


Prior to the lockdown, we delivered many workshops and courses to support the community. During the lockdown, many of these courses were delivered online. See the website for more details. These include online tuition and workshops


We also helped over 100+ families to get out of debts and over 200+ across the world. Our aim is to ensure every person has access to financial support.


We aim to provide FREE courses to over 50% of our students who cannot afford the fees. This will be for the most vulnerable in our community. You can also assist us in sponsoring these students. Why not set up a Direct debit so we can provide FREE education to thousands of students.


We also aim to cater to over 1500 students in Bangladesh most of whom are orphans, from poor backgrounds and we will ensure they receive the highest quality of education. Due to the floods, many have lost out on basic needs. If you would like to donate please click here.

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