About Raedan

Who We Are

Raedan Institute is a registered charity (Reg No. 1113547) that promotes the education of people, supports the health & well-being of the public and provides debt relief to as many people as we can in Leicestershire and Lancashire. Our values are helping people, leaving a lasting legacy, self-acceptance, contentment, truth, honesty and integrity.

At our Raedan Institute, our educational philosophy is that we aim to raise standards by providing, ethical, moral, spiritual and cultural awareness with humanistic values and providing life skills to all our students. We hope to enable all our students to attain beneficial education so that each student becomes a participant global citizen. Our vision for growth, sustainability and viability will encompass, business capacity, financial astuteness, investor credibility and values awareness.

Our Aims

Raedan Institute aims to do the following to support individuals and the community as a whole:

  • We support you in your educational success

  • We help build a driven, resilient, motivational, focused individual

  • We provide quality, professional expertise

  • We aim to build a diverse, cohesive, inclusive community

  • We help to nurture the leaders of tomorrow

  • We provide support for people with mental health concerns

Our Objectives

Raedan Institute has 3 main objectives as follows:

For the public benefit in such ways as the charity trustees think fit for the people of Leicestershire and those in need:

  • Obj 1: To promote the education of people. This could be via our supplementary education, tuition classes, and 1-2-1 support or via training and development.
  • Obj 2: To promote and support the Health and well-being of the general public in the interests of social welfare, with the aim of improving their conditions of life. This is via our food pack initiatives where we have distributed to over 25,000+ people and over 1000+ education packs. We continue to deliver across the community. We also provide workshops, sign post people and provide guidance through our various online and offline support network.
  • Obj 3:The prevention or relief of poverty for the public benefit. Since our inception we have supported over 3000+ families and over 300+ over the last 2 years alone. 

Number of Years Operating
Food Packs Distributed
Educational Packs Distributed
Online Students Taught

What we do

Education Initiative

Raedan Institute promotes the education of people by providing educational classes in different subjects. It seeks to provide support and information for families whose children are being educated inside and outside school, and for those who wish to uphold the freedom of families to take proper responsibility for the education of their children.

Health & Wellbeing Support

The charity aims to provide facilities, services and activities for the public in the interests of social welfare, with the objective of improving their conditions of life. This also includes the prevention or relief of poverty for the public benefit by providing food packs, debt relief and financial support with the aim of advancing the health and well-being.

Social Cohesion

Community Cohesion is what must happen in all communities to enable different groups, cultures, faiths of people to get on well together.  Our organisation provides courses and programs so that all our trainees reach their full potential, understand themselves better, integrate into a better cohesive community and achieve excellence in both education and their community.

Who We Support

Raedan Institute has been supporting the community and general Public in Leicestershire and Lancashire since its establishment in 2006.


We provide educational support through quality teaching and mentoring. We cater for the needs of each and every individual, allowing them to excel as students.


We provide fun, engaging and interactive activities for the youth. We also help them to build self-esteem and confidence through youth entrepreneurship and mentoring.


We provide holistic, transformational and experiential learning for parents and guardians. Through our weekly workshops, we help parents reach their full potential.

Teacher, TA’s and other Professionals

We coach and mentor teachers, TA’s and other professionals by giving them access to teacher training/CPD courses, including statutory guidance.


We try to support people within the community by providing them with guidance, experience and confidence through work training and networking opportunities.

Support and like minder groups

Raedan Institute is a diverse, cohesive and inclusive place safely connect and build collaborative relationships with people within the community.

What Our Community Says


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