Farhia Ali

Assalaamoalaiykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu, I feel Ma sha’ Allah changing, motivating people, giving them hope, facing them the challenge, it makes me another person that’s how I describe. I feel like empowering, motivating, Ma sha’ Allah I feel like I’m in good environment and I think In sha Allah we can do a lot for the community and everybody who comes to the centre, they see something in for them, for everything. If you want your kids place, if you want adults somewhere you can have some knowledge, I think the centre is covering everything so for me I see positive thing happening in our community and I believe In sha Allah the future we can deliver good success together In sha Allah, and I feel with the blessings of Allah, we get the centre. Everything happened it happened for a reason, Allah gives us the option and he opened that door for homeschooling, for motivating, for adults learning new skills, so me I believe that the centre is good place for everybody.