I really enjoy coming to Raedan Institute because of the work that Is been carried out there. To be able to make the positive difference with them and be a part of an aligned vision and Islamic ethos bought to children youth and adults in a fun, engaging and safe environment has actually been very liberating!


I found this course to be excellent, very professional, time was managed well. A great deal of information and tools was given and shared covering details of how to be an outstanding teacher from all aspects. This has given me insight as a teacher and in life of skills.


I started as a project manager at Raedan Institute in September 2019, after lots of prompting and persuading from Amrin. I’ve built amazing relationships with a family of like-minded people.  Collaborating on projects and working together has been amazing. I have been taken on a journey I didn’t know I wanted to go on and I’ve learned so much. I look forward to setting up the therapy room and getting more people to come into the centre.