Supplementary Education

Our Supplementary Education

We offer rich and unique learning, academic and educational environment and have dedicated, committed and highly experienced staff members who fully support the RI ethos. We ensure that each student is respected and cared for as a unique individual and the excellent student-to-staff ratio ensures that the learner will receive all the assistance that they require throughout their time with us. Alongside this, we ensure that we have high-quality resources enabling us to cater to specific student needs, as well as allowing us to provide the best possible service to students and staff alike. RI has already gained a positive reputation with our past and present students and staff, whereby student testimonials highlight the positive impact of support received and this is resonated in the wider community.

What we offer


We provide education for all ages and abilities. Our educational support is exceptional as we provide education to all our students based on their abilities and pace of learning


We provide tuition for many subjects including English, Maths and Science, In 2022 we aim to launch our A Level subjects. Contact us for further information.


In 2022 we will be lanuching our new AS and A level subject support. Contact us for further information and how to register.

Supplementary Education

Our new flagship Supplementary Education support is exceptional. The level of attainment our students have achieved based on when they arrived at the Centre is beyond expectations.



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    Why Our Supplementary Education Program

    We have over 20 years experience in Education, running schools and organisations and understand the needs and requirments of students, parents and the wider community.

    Ability based support

    We support all our students by their ability, not on age group. Covid has caused many gaps in students learning. Our aim is to find their baseline and fast track their learning

    Small Cluster Groups

    All our groups have less than 10 students meaning we can support your child far better than most schools that have, on average between 25-32 students.

    Effective Communication

    By providing parents access to their child’s learning, we ensure parents are aware of what their child is learning at all times.

    Reviews and Testimonials

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