Charity Director


Amrin considers herself a Leicesterian at heart. She loves the Foxes! She is the Charities Project Lead at Raedan Institute in Leicester, the three remits are Education Initiative | Health & Wellbeing | Community Cohesion. She loves what she does as Allah Subhanatalla has truly answered all her Duas. It’s not a job it’s a way of life, she feels she’s truly on the path to bring change. Currently running a campaign to support the people of Leicester on health and wellbeing packs, in this current climate please support the cause 100% donation policy.
She is also a spoken word artist in the making Amrin has started writing her long-awaited book. She is working with some amazing artists and authors. She has been performing over the last few years and loves writing. She has many people who inspire her in her writing and most definitely those of Sufi decent and Saints of the past. She finds it liberating and loves it when she gets feedback that she inspires people with her words and the bit of wisdom!
She has worked in the community over the years, you may have spotted her over the years for supporting local causes and on and off Radio Ramadan across various locations and organisations. She is fully focused on professional development and Raedan-institute and Academica Mentoring.
She’s a humanitarian been to the blessed lands of Palestine, various places in Europe, Africa, Turkey border serving the Syrian Refugees and the Jordanian camps, her heart yearns to be on the blessed lands once again.

She has many facets to her she completed her Counselling degree part-time. Currently focusing on professional development in the charity sector and sustainability programmes.
She loves travelling, foods of the world, learning languages, singing and writing and constantly evolving to try and being a better person.
Her ultimate long-term goal is to change a billion lives in all that she does and please her creator. She believes When A Women Rises, she Raises others with Her!
She is truly grateful for all the opportunity she has received.
“WayfaringAmz” is her social media page as she truly knows we are all but travellers and should not forget that.