As we welcome everyone back into the Centre, we want to assure you that we have been working hard to ensure the Centre is as safe as possible.


A few things have had to change to do this.

This leaflet aims to tell you about some of these changes.

It is vital that you understand these changes and agree to play your part in keeping us all safe.


Before your child comes back to the Centre:

Talk to your child about how different it is going to be

Explain the importance of hand-washing (soap/20secs)

Explain the importance of keeping 2 metres (3 steps) apart from their friends and adults in Centre, wherever possible when walking around the Centre.

Stick to government guidelines before bringing children back to Centre, by making sure everyone in your home:

Stays home where possible.

Limits contact with other people – 6 people outdoors, 1 other household inside.

Keeps their distance(2m) from people not in your household.

Washes their hands as often as they can.


If you and your household don’t follow these guidelines, not only will you put yourselves and your family at risk, but you risk spreading infection amongst all of our children, parents and staff.


Entering and Exiting Centre

All students will line up with their parents outside on the marked yellow lines and will enter when safe to do so. ONLY one parent per child please.

You will only be allowed on premises when it is your child’s drop-off time (5 mins before opening time)


No cars on Overton Road 

 people need space to walk on the road. Cars will not be permitted under any circumstances into the Centre. Do not park on the double yellow lines.

Keep 2 metres distance from other parents/children at all times, wherever possible

Please do not touch gates or equipment when and if you enter the building unless requested to do so.

There should only be one parent per drop-off/pick-up

Wait on the yellow lines until the teacher is ready to let children in

All children (any adults) will be requested to take their temperature before entering the building. If deemed with a high temparture they will be sent home and requested to get tested.

Keep your children with you until they are allowed into the building – they can’t play on any equipment unless requested to do so.

We would encourage you to wear a mask before and after you enter the centre

If you need to speak to the teacher or a translator, you should phone the Centre on 07725 974831. 

You cannot enter the Centre building.


When your child is in Centre

Children will be in Group bubbles when they return.

This is to minimize the amount of contact they have with other children and adults

The children and adults in these bubbles cannot mix with other bubbles. Unfortunately, your child won’t be able to play with other children in a different bubble, eat with them in the hall, or walk home with them from the Centre.

Children in all years, will have desks in rows all facing in the same direction

They will have their own packs with books, pencils etc. No one else will touch their equipment wherever possible

We’ll reduce the number of work/resources/books that can go home or come into Centre – homework will be set online where possible

Children will be washing hands in between every activity, before moving from one area to another, before and after food

Dinner will take place with their year group bubble

Each bubble will only use one set of toilets

Each bubble will have their own space on the playground/field

Staff will be cleaning throughout the day and we have arranged for extra cleaning throughout the day


Other important information

As soon as your child gets home, they need to wash thoroughly

Their clothes need to go into the washing machine

Children need to wear fresh, clean clothes every day

They can bring a packed lunch if they usually do

They don’t need to bring a book bag with them – reading books will be shared in class

As normal, on PE days, children should come into Centre in PE kits


Medical Information

If your child has any symptoms of Coronavirus, please keep them at home and phone centre – please also get them tested. We will send children home straight away if ill. When your child returns, you’re agreeing to engage with the NHS Test and Trace Service. Virus symptoms e.g.:

-A High temperature or fever

-A new cough

-Loss of taste or smell

However, children can often show less obvious symptoms e.g.:

-a rash, alongside a fever


-tummy ache/sickness/diarrhoea


We really appreciate your support and understanding throughout this difficult time.

We hope that you understand that these measures are designed purely to keep your children, your families and Centre staff safe.

Everything in this leaflet needs to be read, understood and adhered to – call if you don’t understand anything on here.

We may need to change these arrangements as the term progresses but we will of course keep you updated.


Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing you in September!