Why are the youth disengaged and disassociated with Islam and as Madrasah Teachers can we do more?

In many of our Madrasahs these are just some of the challenges we face:

  • Large Class Sizes, hard to control and disruptive lessons
  • Constant unjustifiable parental complaints and pressure
  • Parents are not willing to pay appropriately

This leads to you becoming: frustrated, angry, stressed, ineffective teaching, lack of class control, constantly disrupted, interrupted, lack of value from parents for Madrasah education which results in low fee payments, teachers are not supported which develops unnecessary pressure

If you are teaching under these circumstances, surely you cannot expect great results for your students. Inadvertently you are distancing yourself and them from Allah.


Visualise a Madrasah:

Where the teachers are loved, respected and valued. Their teachings having a positive and powerful impact on their students.

A system of teaching that allows the children to be engaged in their learning and that resolves the issues of behaviour and class size.

As the students are doing well in sha ALLAH, there are no disciplinary issues and so there are no real complaints from parents and their expectations met which means that the Madrassah teaching is now valued and respected by them.

Attend the Free Online programme by Maulana Mohamed Sidat (BA, MA, PGCE/QTS, NPQLE (19) who has over two decades of expertise in education. Through his experienced gained in the global education sector, he has created systems, methods, strategies that have transformed the performance of the schools in many countries.

Learn how you can In Sha Allah, have an outstanding impact on your students who are more connected to ALLAH (swt) and thereby becoming exemplary members of society who are contributing to the needs of their community and Ummah.

Coming soon – Contact +447725974831 for more details.

*Terms and conditions apply. /

This innovative Teacher Training Programme is impact-led, flexible and personalised to your individual professional needs. It is fully focused on the impact of outstanding practice on the outcomes and achievements of learners.

Who is this course for?

The Madrasah Teacher Training Programme is aimed at Madrasah teachers, parents and educational practitioners who lead and support learning in a wide variety of educational settings (such as primary, secondary, adult classes and 1-2-1 settings ).

This practice-based programme has three phases in both basic and advance sections. Each of which provides a structure for professional development and a means of evaluating and successfully improving current ‘best’ practice which informs and drives outstanding ‘next’ practice. It can also be linked to Madrasah and school/setting improvement priorities.

This innovative programme can:

  • Improve the overall provision of outstanding educational practice, excellent teaching and learning and inspirational leadership
  • Provide participants with high quality, flexible, accessible, portable and professionally relevant learning experiences
  • Review current practice where there is evidence of critical reflection, improvement and impact
  • Provide modes of learning that are relevant and responsive to those leading and supporting learning.
BasicTeacher Training
Phase 1Investigating Practice
Phase 2Developing Practice
Phase 3Embedding Practice
  • Basic—20 Modules
  • Every 10 modules – Assessment
  • Observations and Evaluation

Advance: Leadership & Management

BasicTeacher Training
Phase 1Running effective schools
Phase 2Governance / Performance
Phase 3Outstanding whole school
  • Advance —20 Modules
  • Every 10 modules – Assessment
  • Observations and Evaluation

How will we support you?

You will be supported in your development through guided reflection, discussion and self-evaluation. You will also have access to academic, professional and personal support and advice from the Academica Mentoring which may include:

  • Module-specific online resources
  • Writing frameworks
  • Annotated exemplars of assessment materials
  • Practical workshops, seminars, and presentations
  • Access to the Academica Mentoring’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) – Coming Soon

If you are studying at one of our centres you will be able to access support locally from the Outreach Centre

Manager. Outreach areas are Leicester, Manchester, London Doha, and Dubai. If you are working outside those

areas your central contact will be one of the core team members.

  • Basic – 20 Modules (TTP)
  • Certification &  Resources
  • Additional Modules for further development
    Courses delivered: Local, National, and Internationally.
    Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Advance – 20 Modules (L&M)
  • Certification &  Resources
  • Additional Modules for further development

Courses delivered: Local, National, and Internationally.
Terms and Conditions apply.

Some examples of practice-based portfolios we have received are:

  • How has completing my Madrasah teacher training programme made me a better teacher?
  • What is the impact on pupil progress when I embed AFL more firmly in my planning and practice?
  • How does the use of ICT in learning increase levels of engagement?
  • How does awareness of Tarbiyah change the nature of learning in my lessons?
  • Does providing ALP to children’s learning prepare them for the transition from one year to another?
  • Does the development and implementation of a range of formative assessment strategies improve the learning and attainment of students on vocational courses?
  • How does communication affect the culture within a school?
  • How does the role of the Head of Year for each year in independent or international schools X differ to that required for other year groups?
  • What is the place of Arabic phonics within an effective reading and writing system?
  • Modernising the ICT in Islamic Studies and Arabic Curriculum, what are the challenges?
  • What is the impact of differentiation in the classroom?
  • What are the roles of learning styles and psychology within the classroom helping students learn better?

How will I be assessed?

Projects, tasks and reading materials are designed to integrate readily into everyday practice with emphasis placed on the assessment of the evidence that is naturally occurring in practice. Your portfolio (PDP) will evidence how you deal with complex issues through critical reflection and evaluation informed by current thinking.

How do I accumulate certification and resources?

If you have any previous certificates and resources then you can add these to your PDP. However, we will provide certification for each module completed and we will also provide all resources.

How much will it cost?

The full cost of Basic course is £597 and Advance is £597 (terms and conditions apply) Discounts for bulk bookings and organisations who enrol more than 10 students and who take all the modules.  (approx £30 per module)

How do I apply?

Download the Madrasah Teacher Training Masterclass from our website with costings. application form (pdf) or, if you have any queries about this programme, contact the Professional Development Team at