Education Initiative Dates & Timings Delivery by: What’s it about?
STEM Taster session
Floating Garden challenge
Solar pane challenge
Building circuits
Solar panel challenge Maths
Ditch the dirt- water filtration
Be Bot programming
TBC Various
Passing exams,
Attain high grades
Exam revision techniques workshop.
TBC M.S To sign up to masterclass workshops 6 sessions include: Introduction
Key questions why students fail exams Variables and non-variables Prerequisite to passing exams Timetabling and Action plan Exam day.
Reading / Book club   TBC S.H
Writing club   2nd week Sundays / Monthly S.H
Art / Drama Club     Glass Painting TBC Shamim Lodhi
Poetry club   4th week Sundays M.S
Arabic Calligraphy TBC TBC
Knitting Club TBC TBC
Sewing classes TBC TBC